Premium Financing
Life insurance premiums can be financed for those cases where the desired level of insurance may not agree with the individual’s own funding plans

International Cases
We are able to deliver US rates to Foreign Nationals, in most countries, using large and highly rated US carriers

Life Settlements
The sale of in insured’s existing life insurance policy to a third party known as a life settlement provider in exchange for a lump sum cash payment

Policy Design
We offer all types of life insurance and are able to customize each case to best fit client’s needs and goals

Impaired Risk
We are able to negotiate difficult risks with our carriers

Jumbo Amounts
We can obtain large face amounts of coverage for both US and Foreign Nationals

Competitive Premiums
Our mix of underwriting capacity and large volume of insurance written guarantees clients the best possible pricing available

Older Ages
We have the capacity, with certain insurers, to obtain coverage for clients up to 89 years of age

Top Rated Insurers
We only work with top-rated insurance carriers independently rated by agencies like S&P and Moodys